Irish Countrywomen's Association

Here in Oulart Guild of the ICA we would like to extend welcoming and strong arms of friendship and support.   Our aim is to promote overall community well being by organising meetings, workshops,  learning new skills, demonstrations, fitness classes, outings, and so much more. 

All our ladies take an active interest in events within our community, and participate in local charity initiatives.  We try to promote health and welfare not only to our ladies, but through them also to their families and our local communities.

Oulart Guild members, through the Wexford Federation, and then on up through The National Advisory Committee, give a united voice to our National Executive Board which can be heard locally, and nationally as we come together to ensure that women's interests, family policies and community values are taken onboard, not only by our Local County Councils, but also by the Government.

We have behind us over one hundred years of nurturing the Irish Language and Culture.  We are truly proud of the long tradition of heritage crafts, and work to preserve them for future generations by practice and teaching these timeless skills to our ladies.  So please call in and meet us, you will be made very welcome.


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