Oulart Guild
  Irish Countrywomen's Association


Joining ICA is just so easy - you can email us at oularticaguild@hotmail.com or phone Maureen at 086 844 1502. We will ask you for you name, address, and phone number, and if you would like to share some of your interests with us we can have a chat, or just come along to one of our meetings held the third Monday of every month in Cooney's Lounge, Oulart.  We would be very happy for you to come and join us for a cuppa.  Perhaps you are new to the area, so please don't feel isolated or left out, it is such a good way to meet and make friends.  If you're not sure it's the right fit there is no harm done, let us know and together perhaps we can find a guild you'll enjoy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the ICA?
All women from the age of 16 can become members of the ICA.

How much does it cost to join ICA?
There is a base national membership fee of €50. In addition, each Federation charges a small fee to cover expenses for the work at county level. In Oulart Guild, the members decide their programme and social activities from year to year, and based on that collect any money needed to cover costs such as transport, speakers or trainers, visits and so on.

I’m not much good at crafts – does the ICA offer anything for me?
We are involved in many activities from drama to sport, literature to arts and crafts, and in community projects, supporting charities and local causes.   Just contact us and we can chat about your interests. You might also enjoy learning about crafts and though you may not be much good now, the ICA provides many opportunities for learning new skills.

I work outside the home – is the ICA really for me?
The beauty of the ICA is that it really offers something for everyone, and many members juggle a combination of home making, paid and other voluntary work and a busy involvement in ICA. Try it for yourself.

I’m 25 – is the ICA for young women like me?
The ICA is open to all women from the age of 16 years.  Although we have some young members we would be delighted to have a new injection of youth here in Oulart, and think we have a great learning environment for everyone!  We are are a very welcoming group of women.

Can I change Guilds if the activities in Oulart don’t interest me?
Yes – we want every member to enjoy being involved in the ICA, and each Guild has a different programme of activity. There is a simple system of transferring membership to another Guild and your Federation will be able to help you find the right Guild.

Do I have to join ICA to use the Adult Education College at An Grianan?
No, the College is open to everyone, men and women – just click on the links below: