Oulart Guild
  Irish Countrywomen's Association


The third Monday of every month our ladies come together for a meeting at Cooney's Loung in Oulart Village.  The Guild President welcomes all, and any matters relevant to our Guild are discussed openly and without bias.  Everyone's input is valued and taken onboard.  These agendas are usually followed by a talk or demonstration from an invited specialist, and then we have tea and refreshments provided by some of our ladies.  We announce the winners of our monthly competition at this time, and also the winner of our small raffle.  Competitions are widely varied and cover all medians, so that our members can enjoy taking part even if not particularly skilled, and through these activities they gain much confidence.

Countrywide every ICA Guild encourages members to get involved in a variety of activities in her Guild. The opportunity is open to all members to become a specialist in her Guild, and take up the role of guiding the other members.  Here in Oulart we can call on those talented people within our midst and others from outside, to come and give us demonstrations and also  facilitate workshops, so our members can also learn skills, such as sewing, crochet, knitting, jewellery making, pottery, working with glass, cooking and baking, etc.

Members of the ICA are truly gifted in the making of crafts, and at promoting them in schools and Guilds around the country. They proudly practice and teach some of the more specialist skills that have been crafted in this country for generations. Some of these skills include heritage crafts like lace making, particularly Borris Lace. The National Federation run courses in many different types of Irish Heritage Crafts at An Grianán, and our Guild, along with so many more,  are given the chance to practice and learn a wide variety of heritage skills and crafts.

An Grianán is a centre unique in Ireland, which combines a mid-week break with courses in art, crafts, cookery, leisure, personal development and self-care for individuals or groups of adults at any age and skill level.   This excellent facility is held in trust by the Irish Countrywomen's Association, but is open to both male and female guests; you do not have to be a member of ICA, and it is available all year round for weekend, mid-week breaks and conferences.

Bookings for An Grianán can be made by phoning 041 9822119 or emailing admin@an-grianan.ie  The ladies there are renowned for their hospitality, good food and warm welcome.

Trips and outings are always a highlight on our calendar, and our ladies come along to dramas,
films, operatic treats, musicals, and other niceties on offer to the ICA.

The Irish Countrywomen's Association is a women's organisation with almost 10,000 members, and in 2010 celebrated it's Centenary and a very long tradition of making a difference in women’s lives. Fun, friendship and support are at the centre of everything they do – but ICA also aim to make women’s voices heard on the issues of the day.  Oulart ICA Guild embrace this philosophy openly and with pride.